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Klara Johanna Michel

So after making a post a few days ago about how no one should ask how long they think a relationship should last and that my answer is add long as life intends… Julian and I break up.
I’m heartbroken over it and I can’t function properly. University seems more big, hollow, and uninteresting. It’s the loneliest place for me.
I suck because this was assured by my wrong kind of people comforts but I need to understand that what he says might not be shit.
No one is expected to last forever, neither is love. And we’re 18. We can’t fix it for each other while being far away and when it’s ruining us individually. At least that’s what he says. And what I need to agree with and take in.
I love him though, truly. It’s been 4 days since the worst day of my life now and I can’t see positives still.